I hold Grand Rank in the Mark and I am entitled to be addressed as “Most Worshipful”. Am I entitled to be addressed in the same way in the RAM Degree?

Yes. This applies to “Right Worshipful”, “Very Worshipful” and “Worshipful” Mark Brethren too.

As a RAM Mason I am of course, also a MMM, Can I wear my RAM regalia in a Mark Lodge?

You may wear your RAM jewel – this is encouraged – provided your Mark jewel is worn closer to the centre of your body. You may not wear your RAM apron and sash, however, unless you are part of an official visit by your RAM Lodge to a Mark Lodge.

What is porphyry?

Porphyry is from the Greek meaning purple. Purple was the colour of royalty and porphyry stone was a deep purple, hard rock with sparkling sodium-aluminium-silicate or calcium-aluminium-silicate crystals embedded in it. In the RAM context, the stone is white. RAM Masons of a certain age may remember Porphyry Pearl – “a delightful light, sparkling wine in which you can actually taste the grapes – only 85c for a large bottle” (December 1962 newspaper advertisement).

I have heard of RAM Lodges being “moored” to Mark Lodges, what does this mean?

Up until fairly recently, it was a requirement that a RAM lodge must have been sponsored by a Mark Lodge whose name and number it would then share. Although the affairs of each Lodge must be kept separate and separate notice papers must be issued, the synergy between the two Lodges provided practical benefits to each. In more recent times, some Mark Lodges have handed in their warrants and other Mark Lodges combined leaving their RAM Lodges with no “moorings”. Lately, the wheel has turned full circle and some Mark and RAM Lodges are realizing the benefits of working more closely together even if they don’t necessarily share the same name and number. In nautical terms, the RAM Lodge may not be moored to the Mark Lodge but it is alongside.

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